If you are familiar with CrossFit, then you're certainly familiar with how sore it can make you!  As a result of that we began offering yoga as a way to help combat the stress we put on our bodies during all of the lifting, running, pulling, pushing, rowing, burpee-ing, and any other ing's that crossfitters do!  

Our yoga classes are beginner friendly and geared towards helping your recovery for all of the training ahead of you!  

If you're not quite looking to get into CrossFit but think yoga is more your speed, we have memberships that fit what you're looking for.  

Come in for a free 1st yoga class and see how you like it.  Yoga is a workout all its own without the running, jumping, barbell lifting, and high intesity you will get from our CrossFit classes.  Come in and learn how to control your body, learn how to breath properly, and learn how to down dog with the best of em' from our in-house yoga Yoda, Linda!