We offer a complimentary skills class as a part of our monthly memberships. This is a 60-minute, instructor-led class dedicated to working on skills, something typical CrossFit classes don’t allow time for. What we found is that by offering a class solely focused around practicing skills, our athletes are able to spend time learning and practicing technique that they might not otherwise have time for. This class is designed to help our athletes with movements such as:

  • Pull-ups / Push-ups
  • Box jumps / Handstand Push-Ups
  • Toes to Bar / Rowing Technique
  • Rope Climbs / Barbell Cycling
  • Double-Unders / Odd Object Training
And any other highly coordinated movements we do in CrossFit!

The ability to efficiently move your bodyweight is the foundation of everything else we do in CrossFit.  This class is designed to promote spatial awareness, coordination, balance, agility, and timing.  It will help teach the fundamentals of controlling your body in space while using that control to help you reach better and more efficient levels of movement.  When you begin to understand how to control your body, you will have a strong foundation from which you can then begin to control BIG weights!